Clinical-grade Solutions

Cartagenia Bench Lab

Confidently interpret, report and share genomic variants with the support of Cartagenia Bench Lab.

Clinical-grade solution

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Research Solutions


A visual cfDNA analysis platform for chromosomal aneuploidies research.

Research solution

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Address challenges in different areas


The introduction of increasingly sophisticated technologies, such as microarrays, NGS panels, and whole-genome and exome analysis using NGS, enables clinical labs to improve the diagnostic rate and throughput, to provide timely answers to patients in need.

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Next-Generation Sequencing is transforming the way molecular diagnostics is being implemented in clinical practice. NGS methods, such as exome, whole-genome and targeted sequencing, are driving the search for new insights in molecular pathology.

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CfDNA analysis is the subject of many research studies, largely due to recent advances in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). As the demand for cfDNA testing grows rapidly, analytical methods for detecting chromosomal aneuploidies are in high demand.

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